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How to deal with COVID-cranky clients

In this Sounds of the Freelance Jungle episode, Rebekah and Nicole take you through tips and tricks with managing your clients when they have the COVID-crankies.

Getting ready for EOFY, freelance style

Does the idea of EOFY have your freelance head in a tail spin? Join Nicole and Rebekah from the Freelance Jungle as we talk to accountant Melissa North about deductions, crypto currency, COVID, offsets and more.

How's your self-care?

Nicole Leedham and Rebekah Lambert are back with the 2021 season of the Freelance Jungle podcast. They address the need to check in with your stress levels and restore yourself this winter.

Navigating grief with Emma Grey

One morning in July 2016, writer, mother and author Emma Grey awoke to unbelievable heartbreak. The event has lead Emma to advocate for better death literacy and for people to take heart health seriously. Emma joins the Sounds of the Freelance Jungle to explain why every freelancer should pay greater attention to their health and end of life plans.

Self publishing, politics, inclusion and diversity with Microcosm Publishing's Joe Biel

We take a deep dive into self-publishing, politics in the USA, inclusion and diversity, and more with the founder of independent publishing house Microcosm Publishing's Joe Biel. A great episode for people interested in self publishing their work or who want to be inspired to create in the margins with the right community.

Freelance Jungle vs Coronavirus

It sounds like a Japanese monster battle, but it's really a podcast (and part battle cry) about where to next for Australian freelancers now coronavirus is defining how we live and work.

What is Imposter Syndrome?

Imposter Syndrome may sound like a great name for a 1970s sci-fi about a small town living with aliens among them, but what is it really? We investigate the myths and misconceptions about Imposter Syndrome, what it looks like, how it presents, the impact it can have on your freelance business and what you can do to overcome it. Rebekah Lambert chats solo to psychologist Ashley Kelly from Walk Different Psychology to explore.

How to effectively manage contractors with guest Monica Davidson

Looking to manage contractors as part of your freelance business? Or are you looking to shine as a go to contractor for people that do? You're in luck! The sensational Monica Davidson from Creative Plus Business draws on her wealth of experience with managing all kinds of freelancers to help you make the best possible contractor experience possible.

Why are the bravery and do what you love (#DWYL) myths so attractive?

Stress has a productivity cost, yet we live in a world where passion is meant to fuel us all day, every day. It's not enough. We explore the shame you feel when you don't love your job & what it's like to have contentment as an alternative.

Why are people afraid to stand up to clients?

Payment terms, getting paid enough, scope creep, when they switch into an awful monster, building boundaries and more. Why is it so difficult to manage our clients effectively and what can we do about it? This episode is proudly brought to you by Rounded: Freelancer or self-employed? Rounded makes accounting and invoicing straightforward with the tools you need to get organised and get paid. It's the Australian Made Cloud based accounting system built specifically for Freelancers and Sole Traders. As a supporter of this podcast, Rounded is offering listeners the following: > A 4 week trial of Rounded if you are new customer > 4 weeks free for you and a friend if you are an existing customer who introduces someone to Rounded > The opportunity to test Rounded as they launch into New Zealand Curious? Meet Rounded at the following places: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/roundedaccounting/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Roundedapp New Website: rounded.io OR rounded.nz FJ 4 week trial link : http://app.rounded.com.au/partner_signup/XO647J

What is freelance isolation?

We explore the forms of isolation freelancers encounter and what can be done about them. We explore the signs of prolonged stress and the potential for developing a mental health condition. And we look at where you can go for help and connection.

Welcome to the Freelance Jungle podcast

In their maiden episode, Freelance Jungle podcasters Nicole Leedham and Rebekah Lambert set the stage for what is to come in the podcast version of the much loved freelance group. It's part introduction, part informal chat and all about introducing you to the sounds of the freelance jungle in pod form.