Getting ready for EOFY, freelance style

Does the idea of EOFY have your freelance head in a tail spin? Join Nicole and Rebekah from the Freelance Jungle as we talk to accountant Melissa North about deductions, crypto currency, COVID, offsets and more.

EOFY is upon us- and for some of us, this is a really stressful time. With the added complexity of COVID impacts such as JobSeeker, JobKeeper and working from home, as well as write offs and so on, it might seem like a big task. That’s why we’re digging into what to be mindful of with this year’s return. We talk to accountant Melissa North from Nationwide Bookkeeping and Accountants Service in Brisbane about the potential tripping points for Australian freelancers this year.  

Please remember that the information given in this podcast is not a replacement for seeking professional advice from your bookkeeper, accountant and/or the ATO. What we’ll discuss today should be a starting point to begin your research. And as always, remember that your financial situation and how you approach tax and accounting should be tailored to your unique business circumstances. Make sure you do your due diligence and discuss your situation in detail with a professional you trust.