Navigating grief with Emma Grey

One morning in July 2016, writer, mother and author Emma Grey awoke to unbelievable heartbreak. The event has lead Emma to advocate for better death literacy and for people to take heart health seriously. Emma joins the Sounds of the Freelance Jungle to explain why every freelancer should pay greater attention to their health and end of life plans.

Emma Grey is an author, a mother and a copywriter. She is also an advocate for heart health and a candid speaker about death, grief and being prepared in life for the unexpected. In a sudden and tragic event in July 2016, Emma’s world changed forever. She joins Rebekah and Nicole to talk about grief, life after losing someone you love and why everyone- especially freelancers - should prepare their end of life plans and documentation as an act of love for your family. 

A note to our Indigenous listeners, this podcast contains mentions of a deceased person.

NOTE: This podcast deals with loss, grief and death. It may not be suitable for all listeners. If at any time you need support, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.